A Story About Nothing…

Here’s a portrait of Nothing. Can you recognize Nothing?

Here’s a short story about Nothing. One day I woke up, got out of bed, and stumbled across Nothing. Nothing said to me, “hello there, my name is Nothing, what’s yours?”

“Why what a coincidence? My name is Nothing too!” I replied. Nothing repels Nothing more than Nothing. When Nothing meets Nothing there can only be one outcome — Nothing. I couldn’t resist the urge to walk away from Nothing. As I walked away, I glanced back over my shoulder and caught a last glimpse of Nothing, that was the last time that I ever saw Nothing.

Nothing could have prepared me for my sadness upon realization that I would never see Nothing again except whenever I look in the mirror and see Nothing staring back at me, as if Nothing had ever happened.

That’s the true story about Nothing that came to Nothing. I hope you understand by now, Nothing is ever quite what it seems.

You’ve just spent a minute out of your busy schedule pondering the vastness of Nothing. I hoped that you have enjoyed reading and thinking about Nothing. There’s a lesson about nature and physics in there somewhere…. if you can find it. Come back soon to read about the next exciting story about Something!

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