Rocketbook Everlast

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We’ve long professed our love of notebooks around here. I was going to subtitle this, “One notebook to rule them all,” but let’s be honest, we’ll always buy notebooks. In the new gig, I whiteboard a lot to plan out what to do to solve a dev problem. That’s not a dev-exclusive problem though. As a teacher, I’d sketch out lesson plans or ideas I had for a lesson or unit.

Rocketbook Everlast brings together the best of whiteboard and notebook.

Whiteboards smear. Paper notebooks tear, get wet, and stack up over time. Rocketbook Everlast addresses all these issues.

The pages of the notebook are made from a plastic-like material and I was apprehensive as to what the writing experience would be like. Turns out, it is exceptionally smooth. I would almost say it’s better than writing on standard tree pulp. It’s only compatible with the Pilot Frixion line of pens which I’m happy to say is a great writing experience and comes in multiple colors. The pens I got are erasable (I’m not sure if that’s just the case for all Frixion pens). These are not the erasable pens of my childhood where it was more of a smear than an erase. Frixion pens erase completely whether in the Everlast notebook or on paper.

If erasing isn’t your thing, take advantage of the whiteboard aspect of the notebook and use the microfiber cloth with a bit of water. The ink wipes away.

If I want to save my work for later, I can use the Rocketbook app on my iPhone to capture my notes and save them to my destination of choice — Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, Slack, iCloud, email, messages and more.

Simply tick one of the 7 options at the bottom of the page (that you connected with a chosen destination), and after scanning the page in with the app, it will send the capture to my chosen destination.

All done? Wipe the page and you have a fresh canvas in order to brainstorm new ways to conquer the universe. The price is $30 on Amazon or $34 on the Rocketbook site. While using a service with OCR would be advantageous, even without it, Rocketbook Everlast is a great tool for your arsenal be ye teacher or dev.