Hi, We’re Hoodoo Digital

After years of concepting and planning, we are excited to announce that Hoodoo Digital is officially open for business… well, we started a year ago. Announcements are hard, especially when we have been doing so much (more on that another day). In this first post, let’s take some time to talk about who we are and what we are about.

Hoodoo Digital provides marketing technology products and services that support an organization’s ability to increase their brand awareness. We bring a uniquely deep experience of supporting enterprise marketing efforts with extensive knowledge of the Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager. That is something we have gained working for Adobe and many other enterprise organizations for the last eight years.

We built Hoodoo with the ethos of making a positive impact on every organization and individual that we interact with. The value of our organization, and our ability to execute on our endeavors comes directly from the quality of our employees and partners. Our focus is on our core values of honesty, fairness, and value creation in all aspects of our business, and expect to develop a competitive advantage by establishing a brand built on trust and authenticity.

Over time we will have much more to say about the values we espouse and the methods by which we accomplish our work. But for now, know this: Hoodoo Digital is ready to serve its customers and the enterprise landscape with professional tools and services not held by most organizations. If you want to learn more then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: hello@hoodoo.digital.