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A Whirlwind 8 Weeks — my Internship at Hook

Three tips to get the most out of being an intern — by Sofia Madrigal

Sofia, Hook’s Operations Intern
First day as an intern in the Hook office
Eloise, Sofia and Amelia — the Ops team
Design experiment vs refined design
  1. Come in with an open mind — there is always something new to learn and never assume you know what it will be like
  2. Questions, questions, and more questions — asking questions are key to understanding difficult concepts. The more you ask, the more you’ll enhance your understanding and can engage in more conversations with the people around you
  3. Your comfort zone isn’t a space for growth — it’s called a comfort zone for a reason, and the only way to learn more is by continuously venturing out of the safe zone. Whilst it is daunting, it can open up more opportunities than you never knew were available to you
Games night in the Hook office — Settlers of Catan



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