Introducing Hookpad: ready-to-consume data from the blockchain

Jul 24, 2019 · 3 min read
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It is said that the gaming industry is always pushing technology forward, that games drive innovation. Through the years, hardware had to get better and better to run more complex and heavier games; software had to improve drastically to allow the most realistic physics and game mechanics, and everything in between had to evolve too. This evolution helped give rise to products like Hookpad.

Hookpad is a platform that supplies ready-to-consume data directly from the blockchain. How does it work? Simple: It hooks to any EVM-compatible blockchain, and lets you listen and filter the events you need. Once that is covered, it parses those events to meet your requirements and then delivers through webhooks and API.

But first… Let’s get back to basics.

By the end of 2017, the development team at Experimental created CryptoWars, the first fully decentralized strategy game on Earth — yes, you read that right, everything happens on-chain. However, we all know managing and processing such a big amount of events is no piece of cake. So while they were at it, they started working on a software that could easily process blockchain events and deliver clean data.

The team faced several technical challenges, but this was the most time-consuming and complex one. They needed not only events of the present but also those in past blocks. That’s not it, after filtering and getting the events they required, they needed to parse and deliver them to CryptoWars’ backend. After months of iteration, they got to a reliable and robust software that can handle any kind of dapp, not only games but anything you can think of.

Hookpad was born from an experiment, but it has been sharpened and adjusted to provide you with the best blockchain event processing solution.

Once the team knew they had the right formula, a separate division within the enterprise was created in order to fully attend the specifics of both brands, two teams centered in a common goal: providing users with the greatest blockchain-based technology.

Why reinvent the wheel if it works wonderfully? Without Hookpad, dapp devs would have to invest countless hours on the development of a high-maintenance infrastructure, a lot of effort that -let’s face it- is way better invested writing the feature that your users are expecting from you.

It’s easy. From the blockchain to your backend. Hookpad stores data in a format you can directly consume from your dapp.

I know what you are thinking… Such a great product must cost money. No. You can use Hookpad for free. If you are below our monthly event limit, our platform will remain free of charge, because the idea behind Hookpad is to facilitate the work of fellow dapp devs that are making the blockchain ecosystem one of the most interesting and fun spaces in tech.

Hookpad will be available in its BETA version from September. And from the launch date, the platform will bring aboard 10 companies who will be granted a 6-month free trial of the premium plan to help us optimize the service.

Let Hookpad worry about about processing the data, so you can focus on the development of your dapp.


We provide a plug & play, fully-managed, blockchain event…

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