The Mile High Club: Is It Worth The Risk?

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Ever since airplanes became a viable form of transport, people have been trying to become a mile high club member. However, this also begs the question of what the penalty for sex on an airplane is. With this article, you’ll learn all about the mile high club!

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Mile high club tips

Remember feeling the rush of doing something you’re not supposed? It’s exhilarating. This is why so many people have sex in planes! These bits of HookupGuru advice will show you how to make it happen:

Convince your partner early on 👩🏻‍❤️‍💋‍👨🏻

You shouldn’t bring this topic up for the first time in the middle of the flight, because that won’t end well! When it comes to becoming a mile high club member, being prepared is key. Your partner should be as hyped as you are before you even step foot into the plane!

That being said, if you and your partner are more of the spontaneous type, do your best not to let your passion get the best of you. Stay safe!

Be discreet 🕵

You might wonder, is sex on airplane even legal? Well, it isn’t. If people find out, they will tell the crew. Don’t go to the bathroom together, and don’t talk about it too loud! You can easily get the mood right by doing some ‘under the blanket’ stuff, which is subtle.

When you’re ready, let your partner go to the bathroom, and wait a few minutes before you join them. Obviously, you don’t want to try this in a crowded plane, because other people will want to use the restroom too! Even more important is to remember to be very quiet in the midst of your throes of passion. The insides of planes aren’t loud, so people may hear what you’re doing. This will spell trouble for you.

Wear accessible clothing 👕👗

You don’t want to have to fumble around with clothes when you’re in the bathroom together. Ideally, your clothes would never come off entirely, and your tops stay untouched. Sweatpants and skirts are ideal if you’re trying to have discreet public sex on a plane.

Be quick about it

Other people have to use the bathroom. If you and your partner spend too long in there together, folks will grow suspicious. Unless you own a private jet, it should always be a quickie. This is one of the few times you should be skipping foreplay.

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What are the risks of trying to join the mile high club?

Having sex on an airplane is far from legal. If you get caught, you’ll be punished according to the rules of the country the plane is registered to. This means in countries like the US and the UK, you run the risk of being fined or even getting a light prison sentence.

However, in countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Indonesia, you risk long imprisonment along with capital punishment like floggings! For the love of all that is holy, if you must do it, only do it on a plane registered in open-minded countries. This is for your own safety.

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