Our latest update to Hoop is now available for Android and iPhone

Saving the events you find on Hoop

There are lots of things happening on Hoop. Right now Hoop lists over eight thousand unique events across London, everything from local stay and plays to improv for kids and engineering workshops.

To help make sense of all these events the Hoop app will hide anything that’s not age appropriate, it lets you filter by distance, price and category and most importantly, you can tell it when you’d like to do something.

But there is still a good chance you’ll find more than one thing that takes your fancy. In fact, the families who use Hoop tell us that shortlisting the things they find is a regular task. They make lists, add stuff to a calendar and keep mental notes. We want Hoop to help with problems like these and so as a first step today we’re unveiling a new feature — saving.

When you download the update you’ll notice that every event on Hoop now includes a star for you to tap. Doing so will add that event to your saved events which can be found on the redesigned home screen. You can also remove events from your list by tapping the star again.

It’s a simple but pretty handy feature that we’ve enjoyed using in the office for the past few weeks but have been keen to get into your hands to see what you make of it. We’re excited to learn how and when families use saving so it can be improved in future updates.

If you can travel to the Clerkenwell area of London and would like to take part in some usability testing be sure to let us know by emailing hello@hoop.co.uk — we pay for your time and have good supply of balloons and stickers to take home too!

Build Files

With every release Hoop publishes a ‘Build File’ that breaks down every major interaction on our app. Feel free to download the PDF and take a look at how we do things. Why we do this.

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