Special Educational Needs and Disabilities on Hoop

Today we’re introducing a new feature on Hoop that will help us better serve families of children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Many of the activities you’ll find on Hoop welcome all children, however until now, you weren’t able to discover activities specifically designed for children with additional needs. With our newly introduced SEND category you’ll be able to do exactly that. Just tap into it from the What’s On screen to find specialist play sessions, sign language workshops, autism friendly film screenings and much more.

This is our first step towards supporting the SEND community and we’re excited about taking many more in the future. We’ve spoken to families and professionals to help shape our work here but we are particularly keen to receive feedback from the families who use the feature. If that’s you, email us on hello@hoop.co.uk with your thoughts.

Finally, if you run a SEND focussed activity and would like it added to Hoop you can share it with our team here.

Thanks to Amber Onat Gregory and Dr Pandora Giles for their support during this project.

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