How to resell your textbooks at full price

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On average, a college(university) textbook costs $100. After one semester, same book resells for $45 at college bookshops. You can expect $60(or better) on student run marketplaces. Price(offering) depends on shape of your textbook at end of semester, and of course how much you spent on a book initially.

Surprisingly, reselling price will not be affected by number of semesters you owned your textbook for! The price at which you resell your textbook after owning it for one semester, will be the same if you wait for 2 more semesters. In this case $45!

This gives you option to rent-out your textbook 2 more semesters at $40 a semester. With $80 in pocket, you can afford to resell your textbook faster at $45 via student run marketplaces(or via Facebook Groups). This process is long but adds $25 to your bottomline!

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