What Customer Success Looks Like at Hootsuite EMEA

Marc Coderre—Manager, Customer Success at Hootsuite London

Tell us about your career journey at Hootsuite so far.

What a journey it’s been! I started out in a sales development role during my first year at Hootsuite. It was a junior role and one where we had to be creative, learn to hone our knowledge of Hootsuite, and speak to top-tier prospects on their social strategy — which in 2013, was really just the beginning of the industry! I loved the customer-focused attitude so much that I moved into a customer success role in 2014. This is where I managed smaller deployments of Hootsuite but for large strategic brands. From there, I was the strategic CSM for our top-tier customers and largest deployments.

In 2016, I took on an opportunity in our “Company Moves” program to jump and immigrate from Vancouver to our U.K. office. It’s where I am now based and manage the Northern European-Middle East customer success team.

What were some of the ups and downs of working and living in another country?

Hootsuite made the move to the U.K. very easy. They provided us with a moving specialist who helped organize everything and gave us information on areas to live in, setting up a phone plan, bank accounts, etc. I was settled within a month.

London is such a global city with a large expat community. This made it easy to integrate and meet new people. Hootsuite London really mirrors the city at large, and has a unique group of diverse professionals covering countless languages and cultures. There really is something for everyone here including movie nights, volleyball, rugby, community volunteering, and more!

Given that our customer base is very global, I’m not only working in the U.K. but several dozen countries across EMEA (Europe Middle East Africa) and am exposed to many cultures and companies. With that comes challenges and lots of airplane time (especially when you have a reliance on Gatwick and Heathrow). I’ve learned to be patient and an expert of waiting at the U.K./EU borders.

What do you love most about both your job and your team?

The dedication my team has to see their customers succeed is inspiring. They truly care about whether or not their customers achieve their goals and transform their business to be experts at social media. The work is not always easy and involves a lot of travel time but they do it with a smile and a passion for success. The best part about customer success is getting to be part of so many business strategies — you really get a good perspective on what works!

How do you know the work you do is making an impact?

Customer success is such a vital part (also a core value) at Hootsuite. We know our role has a major financial and brand perception impact on our company. In the end, if our customers are happy and achieving what they want, we’ve been a successful team.

Leila Postner—Senior Customer Success Manager at Hootsuite London

Why did you join the CSM team at Hootsuite?

When I joined the CSM team at Hootsuite five years ago, I was looking for a company with a great culture, smart driven colleagues, and management that supports independent work with minimal red tape.

After being in a hybrid sales role at an established world-leading IT research and advisory company, I was looking for a different work environment to challenge myself — particularly at a startup company to help build up a presence and develop the market. I was excited to join Hootsuite (at the time, a startup company in London Victoria) and work with our most strategic EMEA clients and support their success in the age of digital transformation.

I’m fortunate to have found an employer that shares my values and lets me live my passion for customer success.

Describe a day in the life of a senior CSM at Hootsuite:

My days at Hootsuite truly never get boring! Working with clients of various verticals, I speak to teams in all department such as marketing, customer service, IT, public relations, human resources, and corporate communications in various countries.

The conversations I have can be anything from operational questions and updates to strategic meetings with management that will have an impact on real business decisions and outcomes. My role also involves working with our partners to ensure clients success — these range from security and compliance solutions to deep listening, CRM, and other integrations.

What I love about my role and our market is that I learn new things on a daily basis. Digital working with key trends in social, mobile and realtime are impacting every business. I’m always keen to understand how new trends and technologies impact the market and work with our clients to deliver what they need to remain relevant and successful.

With global clients, I work flexibly and travel frequently. I’m also grateful to have a world-class 24/7 technical support team that helps our clients at an unparalleled speed. I also work closely with our product managers who have a customer-first mentality when it comes to our products.

What are some of the key things your team values?

On our customer success team, we have a shared passion for delivering value to our clients.

We always collaboratively support each other and this goes beyond just our team — this goes across the departments of our consultants, trainers, support, sales and management. I’m so proud to be part of the customer success team with such passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated colleagues and leaders!

Sara Garcia—Senior Customer Success Manager at Hootsuite Spain

You’ve had a dynamic career path within the customer success team. Tell us more about that.

Everything starts with challenges and everyone should love to work towards them. I’ve been working at Hootsuite on the CSM team for the last three years and a half, and it’s been an amazing path so far. I started back in 2014 and I have been able to change and adapt myself to the needs of the market.

Working at a tech company has given me the opportunity to learn fast, reinvent myself, and have a vision that I never thought I could have inside a business. I have had the pleasure to work with various prestigious companies, understand their challenges and being part of their strategy. Working with passion and strength has given me a dynamic career within this team — starting from managing small and medium businesses to focusing on the development of an entire territory with strategic and key accounts.

How does your team work with other teams in the organization?

The CSM figure is a key part of a company. We are the connection and the core of each business — having complete visibility at 360 degrees. We are coordinated with several teams internally and externally. We need to communicate accordingly to our client needs and transmit those to the business. We play one of the most proactive, flexible, and strategic roles inside the company. We are the voice of our clients inside the business.

In your opinion, what are the best things about the customer success team at Hootsuite?

The best thing about our team is the amazing ability we have for facing challenges. We are very versatile since we are the mirror of our company. We need to be able to provide solutions and keep delivering. Working on a team at Hootsuite has given me the opportunity to learn from each one of my colleagues. Each individual contributes to the team with their know-how and this makes us an incredible source of knowledge.

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