Building an Accessible Product

Defining Accessibility

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Designing greener cities? We need to give disabled people a seat at the table

Image is a city scape. A bridge goes over a river leading into the city which has a mix of skyscrapers and trees.

From interior design to product design — part 2: accessibility

A vegetable peeler with a wide rubber handle that is easy to grasp for everyone.

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Inaccessibility is Everywhere: how can we fix it?

The Intersection of Disability and Sustainable Development

WCAG: Accessible colour and contrast ratios

Strips of colour

Writing Alt Text for Data Visualization

alt= “Chart type of type of data where reason for including chart” Include a link to data source somewhere in the text

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Jason Dippel

Jason Dippel

Former software engineer at Hootsuite. Responsible for Inbox’s front-end, founding member of Hootsuite’s design system, and organizer of the front-end guild.

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