Five Key Steps We Took to Achieve FedRAMP Authorized Designation

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What is FedRAMP?

Five Key Steps We Took to Achieve FedRaMp Authorized Designation

  1. Buy-in from the top
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  • Many of our databases were moved to a managed model to reduce management overhead.
  • Deployment pipeline orchestration was moved to Jenkins on Kubernetes for the reason above.
  • Deprecated features and services were removed.
  • Thousands of lines of dead code were removed.
  • Tens of thousands of static compile errors were removed.
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  • Improved almost every aspect of our technology platform.
  • Reduced technical debt.
  • Increased efficiency in deploying, maintaining, and developing our software.
  • Contributed to continually raising the bar for software quality.
  • Provided us with a new technical foundation on which to build in the future for more extensive architectural changes.
  • Created the opportunity for our development team to experiment, consolidate,simplify, and collaborate more effectively as a result.
  • Showcased the value of obtaining executive buy-in for projects and the value of hiring experts in specialized fields.



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