Microservice Graph Explorer Open Sourced

Adam Arsenault
Mar 6, 2018 · 2 min read

I am proud to announce that we have open sourced one of our most valuable microservice monitoring tools, the Microservice Graph Explorer.

Imagine being able to navigate to all of the microservices in your application in real time using the real application connections. The Microservice Graph Explorer gives you the ability to monitor the health of your microservices, and provides a dashboard with debugging information that can help you and your team discover the source of outages in no time. It also works as a great learning / exploration tool so that your teams can understand all the different dependencies and structure of your application.

Want more info? Watch this demo video on Youtube

The “Microservice Graph Explorer” is a web application that lets users browse a microservice graph (services and dependencies) in real time. It is a debugging/visualization/monitoring tool for microservices that implement the our open sourced Health Checks API.

Microservice Graph Explorer — Microservice Dashboard

Here are some of the common problems the Microservice Graph Explorer helps your team solve:

  1. Understanding the health of your application, services and dependencies in one single dashboard
  2. Diagnosing connection issues and latency between services and dependencies
  3. Learning about the structure of your application
  4. Finding the owners of a specific service
  5. Finding the code for a specific service
  6. Finding links to logs and metrics dashboards for a specific service

In conjunction with the actual monitoring tool, we have open sourced a pre-made set of microservices that allow you to demo the Microservice Graph Explorer in no time. Simply:

  1. Clone the test repo
  2. Run the pre-made services and Microservice Graph Explorer using Docker and Docker Compose
  3. Explore using your favorite browser!

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