Don’t Settle for Inbox Overload

Everyone knows that overwhelming feeling of opening our email inbox to large amounts of mail. Fortunately there are ways to make it all better.

In today’s world, businesses constantly are bombarded with emails. These emails come from many different sources, and can really clog up your inbox. Group email is meant to fix that problem, however it isn’t really cut out for the business needs of today.

Fortunately, there is Hop. Using Hop can help you and your business stay organized, focused, and working together.

When customers send an email, that email more often than not, is sent to a general inbox. Whether that email has to do with customer support or not, it all ends up in the same cluttered inbox rather than to the relevant recipient. Luckily there are ways to keep your inbox organized, focused, and free from irrelevance.

When customers sends your business an email, Hop knows where that email should go. With Hop, conversations happen in designated channels. Your business has the ability to create a channel for each department, a channel for each office, and a channel for each group project. It’s in these channels where your group can properly collaborate on tasks, reply to clients, brainstorm ideas, and work efficiently.

New communication tools pop up everyday, whether for file storage, calendar and events, or for customer support. In the future there will be even more, and in order to work better, we need a way to manage all these different services.

Integration is key for saving time and effort. Hop enables you to combine all the channels your business needs, avoiding that constant shuffling through different platforms. Now you can integrate all your calendars (Google Calendar, Facebook, Apple Calendar) allowing for easy viewing, and all on only one screen. You can share presentations, files, and links, with your group using a single platform that integrates all those cloud services such as Drive, and Dropbox. This integration improves collaboration, without the inefficiency of using multiple services for different tasks.

When joining a new department or project, the transition isn’t always smooth and simple. Joining a department requires quick learning, understanding the context, and can cause an overwhelming feeling.

With Hop, adding a new member to your group allows for an easier and faster transition. With discussion history, new channel members are provided with instant context of the group’s previous discussions. Joining a group has never been easier, as you are met with collective knowledge, all organized and sorted by individual channels.

“Email is familiar. It’s comfortable. It’s easy to use. But it might just be the biggest killer of time and productivity in the office today.” -Ryan Holmes

E-mail is the most widely used business communication tool, but it has its flaws. Don’t settle for that mess, but rather give your email a modern makeover with Hop.