One Application to Rule them All

How using a designated application for multiple purposes, saves time, confusion, and improves your daily life

With so much innovation and new technology, there are now countless applications competing to be the dominant communication platform. Everyone has WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, many use iMessage, and they shuffle between them all. With so many messaging applications, the communication gets jumbled. Sometimes you might message a person through Facebook, while other times you may email them.

While Hop doesn’t aim to replace or compete with instant messaging such as WhatsApp, it does however aim to simplify the way people communicate. Email was developed over 40 years ago, and it hasn’t changed much since then. Today people’s communication needs are much more demanding, and the primitive thread mode, cluttered inboxes, and limited capabilities of traditional email don’t cut it.

With Hop, emailing people just seems different. Hop turns email into a natural chat like conversation. By including activity statuses such as last seen, and showing when someone is typing, the communication feels more like real time instant messaging, feels more personal, and authentic. We live busy lives, we have goals to accomplish, promotions to earn, and dreams to chase, but in order to accomplish all of these, we need the tools to get things done in the shortest possible way.

This is the reason why Hop was developed. Hop is there to give people the shortest path to done, directly for people who like to get stuff done. By providing an efficient productivity tool that feels great and easy, people will no longer shuffle between multiple email applications anymore. This will ultimately result with people choosing a single and unified application for staying productive, rather than shuffling between several.

The FinancesOnline platform was able to experience these benefits first-hand after they conducted a review of Hop Email. They described our messaging tool as a platform “designed to keep the flow of communication smooth, seamless and efficient, saving workers precious time that they can use for other tasks and priorities.”

In a nutshell, FinancesOnline highlighted a few key benefits of using Hop: “user-friendly messaging that lives on-top of existing email accounts” and transforming outdated email addresses into an “effective communication and productivity tool.” They also praised Hop for removing the clutter from traditional email messaging and allowing users to collaborate with one another, all on a singular platform.

After seeing that their positive remarks on their analysis perfectly aligns with our value proposition, it wasn’t a surprise to see Hop receive two industry awards: Rising Star and Great User Experience awards for email management software reviews. The former distinction is given to software solutions that are perceived by clients as an effective tool for solving their day-to-day work at the office. The latter award is given to software products that offer a remarkably pleasing and intuitive user experience.

On another note, we were also recommended by FinancesOnline as one of the top email management software alternatives. The review experts cited our clutter-free UI, automated filtering and gestures as some of the superior features over our competitor.