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Sunday Service: Home, But Not Alone

Physical distancing doesn’t have to mean social isolation!

To kick off the school year, our church is continuing to host what we call, Home, But Not Alone. We’re meeting house-to-house in small groups for Church Watch Parties, and this week we invited the new students we met to join us.

Over 480 people watched church online on Sunday and heard Pastor Brian share about how we all need a guide, no matter our age or stage of life. We also saw 55 students join us for the first time!

Read below to see how people were impacted by Sunday’s message.

Our new friend Koresha came to our yoga event earlier this week, and I told her that we were starting a church in Flagstaff. She got really excited and asked if she could come to our Sunday service. She came and really loved it! She said she’s been thinking about how hard it was to be a Christian in high school and now college. She said she would love a guide to help her in her faith!

One student told me that he didn’t know how to answer Pastor Brian’s question: Who are the three trustworthy and truth telling friends in your life? He also shared that he really wants to make some close friends this year at ASU. I told him that I would love to grab a meal with him, get to know his story and share mine with him. We are meeting with him Tuesday to connect with him and share the Gospel with him!

Our friend Izzy has been connected for the last year but was never open to the Gospel. After the sermon today, she said she knew she needed to follow Jesus and needed mentors. The Gospel was clarified for her and she surrendered her life to Jesus!

Caleb came to church this morning, and the message about surrounding yourself with a tribe really resonated with him. He shared that a mentor from high school shared the same thing with him just a couple nights before. He told us “it was totally a God thing that I met you guys the day after!” We clarified the Gospel for him, and he repented and surrendered his life to Jesus!



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