2017 WAY Too Late Hope Mega League Update

Wait, it’s too late?

It can’t be…

I guess you could look at it that way.

Oh good. Let’s get into this way too late update on the Hope Mega League!

Things you need to know

  • Usually, I get around to these articles quicker and more often (there should have been like 3 already). My bad. Fall has been crazy. I hope to pump one out every other week from here forward.
  • Did you know we have 60 guys in the league? 6 conferences? And at the end of the day, we are going to only have one winner. Nick Nigrelli from Conference B was the self proclaimed champion by round 4 in the draft, but with a record of 2–5, he is currently sporting the WORST record in his conference and his team doesn’t look like it is underperforming.
And, Nick, your team has a lot of problems!
  • Here are the links to each of the leagues to check them out and see how everyone else is fairing:
Conference A
Conference B
Conference C
Conference D
Conference E
Conference F

Every year, I attempt at putting together a set of rankings for each conference. In doing so, you can usually guarantee a few things:

  1. I will most likely point out that a few teams are extremely bad, and someone’s feelings will get hurt. Note: this is not meant to be personal!

2. I overvalue my team and think it is way better than the record shows. Note: Not this year!!!

3. There are usually a few good teams that are easy to spot and one of them will win it all. Note: Odds are in my favor if I say there are 30 good teams out there…

4. These rankings are about teams most likely to win the whole thing, not about record. Note: Your record is important if you want a shot at the trophy!

On to the rankings!

The images below show each conference listed in order of record then points for.

Conference A

Serious Contenders:

Trust the Process — Has a better team than some 5–2 teams, just need the record to show it.

Super Mariota Brothers — Watch out for this team. Might be the most underperforming team in all 6 conferences.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:

Big Green & Eric Football — Both a product of their matchups and guys overperforming. Thats right, I am saying Big Green which has the third highest points for is just a fraud.

Honorable Mention:

Team Autodraft — Underperforming heavily. Also, more points against than any of the other 60 teams.

Le’Veon a Prayer — Has the pieces, just need some health improvements from some QBs that affect his squad.

My reaction to looking deep into Conference A.

Conference B

Serious Contenders:

Urine Trouble (Porowski Style) — Ignore their record. This team is legit. Watch out if they get it together.

Truffle Shuffle — You know how the Eagles just lost Peters and Hicks? That is this team after losing OBJ and Aaron Rodgers. Oh, they also have Fitz who is struggling without Palmer at the helm. Hopefully the late blooming Alex Smith will be enough to right this ship.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:

Arlen’s Assassins—Has a few solid pieces, but not enough to do enough damage. They started strong and gave Truffle Shuffle their only loss, but have seriously regressed since.

Honorable Mention:

Jim Green —This team could be a dark horse if all of its pieces come together.

Stafford Cardinal — They are one suspension-free Zeke and healthy DJ to be the team to beat in this conference.

La Quinta — IF, and I mean IF, their players can play to their potential, this team could rebound and make a run in the playoffs.

How happy I am to see Nigrelli’s record each week.

Conference C

Serious Contenders:

Team Sebego & Mazure’s Madmen — In a conference where most of the teams are clumped together in record and ability, these two teams rise to the top. Both have the same weakness: A desperate need at WR. If one of them can somehow pull a WR off the waiver wire this late in the year, they will rise above the other.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:

Wardens of the North — They points for aren’t a reflection of their actual roster. Cue overused gif.

^ — — — overused gif

Honorable Mention:

Muffda Punt (Walenda style) & It’s Gonna B Uuuuuge— Both have solid lineups with little depth. Either can make a play for the conference title.

Conference D

Serious Contenders:

On EAGLES’ Wings —At first look, this team has been decimated by injuries, but if you look at his roster, more than half have been free agent signings. I don’t know if there is a more active free agency owner than Tim Lutter (which has been true in years past as well). This team will not lay down and it is good regardless of the injury plague.

Voorhees Victory —The team name sounds like a U8 girls soccer team, but we won’t hold that against Kuklis. Interesting fact about this team, they have two of the top TEs in the league, that could benefit him (depth), hurt the rest of his league (that means one less team has a quality TE), and hurt him (he probably could have had another solid/stud WR/RB to help with the depth the rest of his team desires. If Cooper can get back on track and a few key guys get healthy, watch out.

How I picture Kuklis managing his team

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:

Dr. DeesTees— Good players, but not great players. The big question is going to be whether or not Alex Smith can lead his team through a full 16 week seasons. Can he maintain the QB1 rank?

Honorable Mention:

White Walkers —If DJ can return, this team can be a solid contender.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles — Fun fact, his team doesn’t include Bortles. Time for a name change. However, his team is full of actually good players and I believe can legitimately do some damage if Phil can piece it all together.

Conference E

Serious Contenders:

Warden of the North Midwest —This team is stacked. Bell, Diggs, Hill, Gronk, Allen. If they play to their full potential, they won’t be stopped. But with Spindler at the helm, he will second guess himself right out of the playoffs.

Team Davis — Seriously, change your name, you are better than that. This team is led by Gurley and AB. If one of them gets hurt or regresses, this team will falter. There is little depth beyond.

Which team do you root for when one is Billy and the other is Jeremy?

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:

Blades of Glory Warriors —I don’t know how this team is 5–2. Oh, they scored 897.4 points. Fine. I don’t know how this team has scored 897.4 points. I suspect more losses in his future.

Honorable Mention:

Catholic Fugitives —I think this team is a little tight end heavy, but they are an all around OK team. They will definitely make the playoffs, but won’t get too far.

Wide Right — Hunt, Smith, Hopkins. If Cooper returns to form and Fitz gets continued looks with the dumpster fire in Glendale, this team should be a top team in the league.

Conference F

Serious Contenders:

Team Miller —Kareem Hunt, Antonio Brown, Todd Gurley, Michael Crabtree. How have they ONLY scored 940 points? This team should easily be in the finals. There is no team with a better starting lineup than this one…

Dharma Initiative—…yet this team has scored more than Miller. They will live and die with the NE offense. If Brady and Gronk take a week of Bradonking off, they will be easy to take down. The key word is IF. Campagno has clearly been the mid-season’s most effective manager so far (Hey Craig, how is that for a jinx!?!?)

COULD’VE BEEN WORSE —Yup, three teams in this conference. This team is stacked at WR and has serviceable RBs. They will go far especially if they can fill the few holes they have.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing:

Wobble to Me Corner — How are they a wolf at 4–3 you ask? Well I think this team is heavily over-performing. I wouldn’t be shocked if they ended the season at 5–8 or 4–9.

Honorable Mention:

All Suspended Team —Unfortunately the injury bug showed its face, but it was more like a plague.

White Welkers — This team is solid, but their record is their worst enemy at this point.

Playoff Format

Playoffs? We’re talkin’ bout playoffs?

Conference Championships — Each conference will have its own set of playoffs where the top 6 teams battle against each other to crown its Conference winner. These playoffs will be typical playoff format.

  • They will take place during weeks 14–16 of the NFL
  • Week 14 will be the 3rd seed v. 6th seed and 4th v. 5th. Division winners will receive a bye.
  • Week 15, the winners of those games in week 14 will play the 1st and 2nd seeds.
  • Week 16, the winners from week 15 battle to crown a winner of the conference. Bragging rights included (and a small trophy)!
  • To check out the playoff bracket (or projected right now), go to the Standings tab and you will see where to click:

HOPE MEGA LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS — During week 14–16, we will have a battle of epic proportions that will crown ONE victor. Here is how it will go down:

  • The teams that advance to the conference championship will also advance to the Mega Playoffs. 36 total teams will enter.
  • During week 14, the 3–6 seeds will face off in an all play. This won’t be head-to-head but total points in your starting lineup will be key. 24 teams total will enter, the top 10 scoring teams will advance to the next round. NOTE: The 1–2 seeds will all have byes this week.
  • During week 15, the 10 advancing will meet the 12 teams on a bye (the top 2 seeds, which are the division winners of all conferences). 22 teams will enter this round, and the top 8 scoring teams will advance to the final round.
  • During week 16, the final 8 teams will face off in one final all play. The top scoring team will be the Hope Mega League Champion.

Yes there is a great possibility that multiple teams in each round have similar rosters/players. We will keep an eye on free agency in each league to make sure no one is dropping players for someone in their division to pickup for the playoffs. We will lock rosters if necessary.

Questions, let me know.

… aaaaand I’m out.
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