I Had to Cut You Off

Because I didn’t want you in my mind space anymore

Mark Tulin
Hope * Healing * Humour
2 min readMay 14, 2024


Crows on the Fence by Mark Tulin
Crows on the Fence by Mark Tulin

Sorry I had to chase you away
but you have bad energy
No, it’s not your shabby appearance
the way you wear a necktie too tight
or your beady Charles Manson eyes
I’ve had enough of you overstepping
boundaries — opinions are fine
but when you attack me personally
and cough up distorted truths,
then you are no friend of mine

Your words rub me like salt
on an open wound
I’d rather surround myself
with gentle and caring souls —
not those who assume the worse
or gaslight me when my back is turned
I prefer those who are thoughtful
and who considers my welfare

I don’t have time for head games
that undermine my mental health
My life is rounding into shape
and your negative distraction
is taking me off course.



Mark Tulin
Hope * Healing * Humour

I escaped a therapy career to follow a dream. Poetry/Humor/Sexuality/Doodler/Storyteller — https://crowonthewire.com