Whenever She Filled the Pool

Waves of reflection ebb and flow

Mark Tulin
Hope * Healing * Humour
2 min readJun 17, 2024


Kiddie Pool Art Doodle by Mark Tulin

I watched my mother
water her tomatoes
and then fill up a kiddie pool
with a garden hose
surrounded by green hedges
An easterly breeze blew in
from the Jersey shore

In the summer
long after I left home
she sat in a folding chair
with her feet in the pool
a basin of motherhood
where the waves of reflection
ebb and flow

She imagined me as a little boy
splashing around in my bathing suit
playing with my wind-up motorboat
and a yellow rubber duck
My eyes were green, and hair a light brown
My olive skin glistened in the sun

As her toes made ripples
in the cool pool water
under a little beach umbrella
she gave her memory a smile
a lifetime of raising a child
that has grown into a man
and a responsible adult



Mark Tulin
Hope * Healing * Humour

I escaped a therapy career to follow a dream. Poetry/Humor/Sexuality/Doodler/Storyteller — https://crowonthewire.com