A Couple Of Months Of Indicator Releases.

Powerhouse Films’ Indicator imprint today announced their plans for November.

The work of Ray Harryhausen has been a mine of opportunity for Indicator, who have dedicated no less than three box-sets to the filmmaker’s oeuvre. November sees the final of these sets, The Wonderful World Of Ray Harryhausen Volume II: 1960–1964 reach stores. Comprised of Mysterious Island, Jason And The Argonauts and First Men In The Moon, the collection looks to ape the two previous box-sets in how comprehensive it is in the supplements department.

Released alongside the Harryhausen titles is Mike Nichols’ Wolf, and Irvin Kershner’s The Eyes Of Laura Mars. The latter is particularly notable for being a John Carpenter writing gig.

Speaking of Carpenter, his Christine is being reissued in an unlimited edition in November, as are both Brian De Palma’s Body Double and Richard Fleischer’s 10 Rillington Place. The three were the first Indicator titles to sell out in their limited iterations, with these second runs essentially the same, albeit minus the (excellent) booklets and with slightly different packaging.

While we’re here, I didn’t have a chance to write-up the details of the October Indicator slate, as I was in Paris, but find below the packshots for Freddie Francis’ Torture Garden, Richard C. Sarafian’s Fragment Of Fear and the mammoth looking Hammer Volume I: Fear Warning!, which are all out in time for Halloween.

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