And to, the Oscars.

I tend to spare you of my muses on such things, but it’s been a while since I watched a whole movie and I felt like flexing my fingers.

The further I’ve drifted from contemporary cinema, the lesser my interest in things like the Oscars (or the Baftas, or the Golden Globes, etc) is. In a record low I’ve only seen one of the nine films nominated for best picture, with interest in the ones I’ve yet to see ranging from “excited to do so when they open” (Moonlight) to “will catch on a flight” (La La Land).

I’ve only skim read the wider nominations, but noted a distinct lack of Silence, which received but one nomination, in cinematography. As too did David Ayer’s disastrous Suicide Squad, the worst film of 2016, which picked up one for makeup and hairstyling. In brighter news, Maren Ade’s Toni Erdmann has been nominated for best foreign picture, and Isabelle Huppert has received recognition for Paul Verhoeven’s Elle. Given that I’ve not seen Elle, but adored Huppert in Things To Come (2016's best film), this is great news.

I read the nominations over at the Academy’s official Twitter feed, and you can do so too by clicking here.



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Adam Bat

One-time almost award-winning freelance writer on cinema and film programmer but now writes about chairs from the north of England.