Indicator Launch With De Palma and Carpenter.

We teased this on Tuesday, but Powerhouse Films’ today went official with details of their new boutique home video label, Indicator. The initial line-up of seven titles is very impressive.

Here’s the blurb.

Launching on 24 October, the first titles from INDICATOR will be John Carpenter’s CHRISTINE (1983) and Brian De Palma’s BODY DOUBLE (1984). Then, on 14 November, the award-winning Sidney Poitier titles GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER (1967) and TO SIR, WITH LOVE (1967) will be released to coincide with the BFI’s ‘Black Star’ season. Also released on 14 November, in parallel with the broadcast of the new Tim Roth and Samantha Morton TV adaptation, is real-life chiller 10 RILLINGTON PLACE (1971). Starring Sir Richard Attenborough, Sir John Hurt and Judy Geeson, and based on Ludovic Kennedy’s account, the film tells the true story of British serial killer John Christie.
More grizzly goings-on are unleashed on 5 December, when INDICATOR releases J. Lee Thompson’s stylish body count shocker HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (1981). Adding insults to injury, Hal Ashby’s foul-mouthed THE LAST DETAIL (1973), starring Jack Nicholson and Randy Quaid, will also be released on 5 December, completing the line-up for 2016.

As a major proponent of the boutique home video market I’m delighted to see these new faces emerge. It’s been a great year for the industry, with Criterion launching in the UK and other imprints such as Lionsgate’s Vestron line and Olive’s Signature series making their bow. It’s become clear in recent months that the major studios are warming to the independent labels too, with both Warner and Sony seemingly happy to license their works to other companies.

The first two releases from Indicator, coming in October, are lavish editions of John Carpenter’s Christine and Brian De Palma’s Body Double. The latter’s transfer is derived from a 4K restoration of the iconic film, while both come with optimum AV settings and a limited edition booklet.

Christine can be pre-ordered here, and Body Double here. The prices are set to drop considerably prior to release. Both are stacked editions, with the Body Double set incorporating the extra features found on the recent Twilight Time edition of the film from the US and the ones included with the French Carlotta release.

Given the bad news of the past few weeks it’s encouraging to see a new upstart in the world of home video. We wish Powerhouse Films the best of luck.

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