On Compiling A Film Canon. April 2017 Update.

There’s something of a neat-irony at play here. I’m currently suffering from frustration with contemporary cinema. And yet, for the third month running the Hope Lies Canon features an entry that is currently playing in cinemas. In James Gray’s The Lost City Of Z we have nothing less than a modern masterpiece, and a film that I am confident will be spoken of in shared breaths with the likes of Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will Be Blood in years to come. I wrote more on the film here.

The greatness of Otto Preminger’s Bunny Lake Is Missing really crept up on me. It’s such a strange movie, and one that might be deemed ahead of its time. It’s reassuring to see that Preminger’s underrated picture is finally getting it’s due. I talked about Bunny Lake Is Missing here.

More information on the Hope Lies film canon can be found at our ongoing and regularly updated Letterboxd list.

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