PSA. Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups.

Just a quick note to say that Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups, which ranks as one of the very best films of 2016, reaches home video in the UK today. It’s a beautiful, magnificent piece of work. As with the limited theatrical run bestowed upon the film, this has been a long-time coming. There were concerns that the film might be dropped straight on home video, and DVD-only at that, or even worse (a Terrence Malick film dumped on VoD? The horror, the horror…), so the fact that a Blu-ray has been made available is something of a minor miracle. Please support this release: distribution for films of this ilk is in something of a perilous place at the moment, following the bancrupcy of Fortissimo last week and the liquidation of Metrodome hours later. If we let these companies fail then the cine-spectrum will be a far duller place.

Knight Of Cups can be found on Amazon for a great price, and is no doubt available elsewhere.

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