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Dev update: Mobile Connect on Hopers.io 📲

The NFT marketplace has improved since the beginning of June. Progress is being made in a number of areas, although we are still working diligently to make Hopers.io the number one NFT marketplace on the JUNO blockchain and reach high levels.

Before jumping to the full list of updates we want to highlight the most important one, enabling Mobile Connect. Our mission is to make our platform accessible to everyone quickly and easily by creating a true gateway to the NFT world for all creators and developers who want to grow on the JUNO blockchain.
For this reason, one of our first goals to reach was to allow mobile connection using the most recognized and reliable wallet in the entire ecosystem “KEPLR”.

From today, every function on our platform can be used from mobile:


Here is the list of all the progress we have made during the month of June:

  • Deployed a new version of the alpha contract of the marketplace which allows the team to list new collections in a smooth way, and creates a dedicated page for each collection. ☑️
  • Added the Mint Function for new the new collections listed ☑️
  • Added the price floor in $JUNO and $HOPE ☑️
  • Added the trade volume in both $JUNO and $HOPE ☑️
  • Bug resolved for the transfer option. Now you should not be getting the “transaction failed” pop-up notification. ☑️
  • Added more filters to the mint page such as “Live | Soldout | Scheduled | All “ ☑️
  • Bug resolved which did not enable you to view more than 10 NFTs of the same collection on your profile page. ☑️
  • Now you can see all the collections, volume and NFTs listed without the need of connecting your wallet. ☑️
  • Keprl Mobile Connect has been enabled. Now users will be able to trade NFTs on hopers.io also from their mobile phones. ☑️
  • The team is also working on improving user experience and making sure that our platform is easy and fun for everyone to use.


We want to thank all of you for your support and patience as we work to develop and improve our NFT marketplace. If you’re interested in our project, feel free to check out some of the resources below or join our Discord community for more information about hopers.io

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