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Hopers & Hope Galaxy Docs updated + platform development

The hopers.io and hopegalaxy.io docs have been updated with all the recent developments including staking and the reward system.

$HOPE token DAO stakers are rewarded 27% of the trade fees generated from all the NFT collections trades which has a 3% fixed fee. Find more in-depth info here.

The NFT staking function finally has been implemented and we have over 400 NFTs staked which is approx half of the minted NFTs.

The platform has been improved with a smoother user interface experience when using the platform.

The staking & unstaking NFT functions have no applied fees. The unstaking period lasts for 30 days, in this period you will not be able to collect and claim rewards.

Hope Galaxy collections (Both mint passes and NFTs) have an applied 5% royalty fee. 2% of the total trade volume (TVL) out of the 5% royalty fee will be collected and distributed on a monthly basis (from the 1st to the 3rd of each month) to the NFT stakers which corresponds to 40% of the total 5% royalty fee applied.

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Hopers.io is the first rev-share IBC NFT Marketplace. Hopers.io is fully community-driven powered by the governance token DAO $HOPE a CW20 Token on JUNO.