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Hopers.io the leading JUNO NFT marketplace: JULY updates

The month of July has been the most active and exciting period for the Hope team. Important progress and milestones have been achieved for the marketplace including coding, UI, and last but not least the great onboarding of community-oriented projects to our launchpad.

NFT marketplace developments

The month of July for the dev team has been intense with a lot of development involved and important milestones being hit as follows:

  • Added real-time value of the NFTs in US dollars, a tool powered by Coingecko.
  • Sorting NFTs in the explore page by price in US dollar.
  • Autoconnect of your wallet when you refresh your browser
  • UX improved for a smooth user-friendly mobile experience
  • Fixed a bug that could distort the size of NFTs
  • Added history activity to each collection
  • Added the leading tokens on Juno as a method of payment such as $RAW token and $NETA token.
  • All collections can now be sorted out by several categories such as (Top volume, New listed, Verified, Community projects, Utility projects, Art and collectibles
  • Added rarity rank to the entire collections on the platform which will help improve the trading activities.
Feedback from a JUNO community member

The development is still ongoing non-stop as the team is planning to add further updates and improvements until Hopers.io becomes the leading NFT marketplace on Cosmos.

NFT projects

The marketplace of Hopers is still at an early beta stage, however so much has been happening in such a short amount of time. The goal according to the team is to go out of BETA within 3 months once all the feautures are added and the UI redesigned.

Several projects have been attracted by the Juno blockchain and its community driven approach. Indeed the Hopers team believe that JUNO will be the main driving force for the entire Cosmos ecosystem as it is a sovereign public blockchain that facilitates the development of interoperable smart contracts.

Among the successfull projects that have been launched with Hopers we can find Hope Galaxy which is the native NFT collection of Hopers.io,
Juno Punks (SOLD OUT) , BAIC (SOLD OUT) , Neta NOTs (70% minted and still ongoing), Sunnyside Nightlife (SOLD OUT), Juno Goblin (SOLD OUT), The Romans NFT (70% minted and still ongoing as of now), JUNO Farming and Wizards & Witches of Cosmos.

There are also very interesting upcoming mints on the launchpad such as Lunatics Loser Club, Hex Gorilla Universe, Crazy Doodle NFT, Baby Tardigrades NFT and last but not list Juno Punks II Martians which are launching today.


Juno Punks has been the NFT revolution of the JUNO ecosystem backed by a strong team and with the support of the team of Hopers.

An active team, community driven approach aiming to make Juno PUNKs the blue chip NFT collection for the JUNO blockchain.

After a successfull launch and over 4k $JUNO trading volume on hopers.io they are now launching their second collection called The Martians which consists of 1000 NFTs.

More details in the thread tweet below which explains in details the drop.


Hopers.io has been one of the most active teams in terms of development in the Juno ecosystem and still will keep pushing to become the main JUNO marketplace.


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Hopers.io is the first rev-share IBC NFT Marketplace. Hopers.io is fully community-driven powered by the governance token DAO $HOPE a CW20 Token on JUNO.