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How to use the Cosmostation wallet on Hopers.io

Getting started with Cosmostation is very simple. It will be enough to follow some simple steps: let’s see them together!

If you have already installed and configured Cosmostation, you can go to the point 3

1- Install the browser extension

Let’s head to the official project page (remember that it is always better to go through official channels to avoid possible scams):

As shown in the image below, you will find yourself directly in the section dedicated to the extension:

Click on the Get Started → button to be redirected to the store page, where you can start the installation.

Once the browser extension is installed, click on it to configure your wallet.

2- Create a new wallet / import an existing one

You will be able to create a new wallet or import an existing one following a simple wizard. An example of creating a new wallet is shown in the following images:

Remember to select the JUNO network in step 4.

(Pssst…do not try to restore the wallet with the seed phrase from the example, because that is not the one we used 😝)

3- Connect the wallet to Hopers

Visit Hopers and click on the “Connect Wallet” button in the upper right-hand corner of the site and choose “Cosmostation”.

The first time (only the first time) you will be asked to authorize the Hopers site to operate the wallet.

Confirm the requests as per the images above and you are done! 🥳

You are now ready to use Cosmostation on Hopers for NFT sales and offers! Yes, offers! Did you know that on Hopers you can now time offer on a single NFT or on the entire collection? We will explain this in more detail in the next article!



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