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Airdrop Juno Punks!

Juno Punks has been the NFT revolution of the JUNO blockchain backed by a strong and experienced team in the Web3 space.

The possibilities for Juno Punks and the impact on the JUNO culture are so endless that they can’t possibly be predicted yet.

A community-driven project which aims to become the blue chip for this young and emerging blockchain.


PUNK tokens are set to be launched tomorrow 31st of July after the mint of the NFT collection Martians ends.
Each Genesis NFT holder will get 3000 $PUNK tokens and 1500 $PUNK for each Martians holder (Mint still ongoing now here).

Buying an NFT will give you the possibility to stake them and earn even more $PUNK tokens, furthermore it will unlock your way to the upcoming PunkLand metaverse which is under development.

$Punk Token

$PUNK is a cw20 governance and utility token built on the JUNO blockchain which will be used in the Punk ecosystem.
The goal of $PUNK token is to empower communities in the JUNO blockchain and unify them in both positive and negative momentum.
$PUNK will be the main utility token in the PunkLand virtual world which is under development.

Punk Martians NFT collection

After the soldout of the Genesis collection, the team launched a second collection called the Martians which will play a key role in their coming PunkLand drop. A collection that consists of 1000 Martians. The mint is still ongoing and any unminted NFT will be burned and gone forever to decrease and add scarcity to the collection.

All the funds collected will be added as liquidity to the LP $PUNK/$JUNO on Junoswap which will add strength to the token itself and the volatility.


Exclusive sneak peek of the PunkLand plots

So what is exactly PunkLand? According to the team it is set of plots that will give birth to a metaverse world where all the PUNk community can hangout together and chill. Individuals can use their digitized land to play games, socialize, attend exhibitions, events and generally live a virtual reality in parallel with real life. PunkLand aims to be the leading metaverse to go platform on the Cosmos chain following the success of big players such as Decentraland and The Sandbox.

On June 21 2021, a virtual plot of land was sold on Decentraland as an NFT for 1.3 million MANA, the platform native cryptocurrency, equal to $913,228.20 at the time.

Around the same time, The Sandbox — another metaverse-type game — was the second blockchain-based metaverse platform to secure another record sale of virtual land for around $650,000.

All these projects started small but the early investors were able to see the opportunity and indeed got well rewarded. PunkLand is the same, starting small but the team has endless possibilities to make this as one of the best Metaverse worlds created on the blockchain.

Punk Tokenomics

According to the Juno Punk website the total supply of $PUNK tokens is fixed at 12.345.678 tokens.
No minting capability is exposed through the contract interface, thus the total supply will never increase.
From the other hand the contract interface does have a burning capability, so the total supply may decrease if the initial airdrop is not claimed within 7 days from when it’s sent to JUNO Punk NFT holders.
This will decrease the total supply and increase the scarcity and value of the token itself.


The team of Juno Punks kicked off officially the DAO with their first proposal which aims to burn the remaining unminted NFTs and to add the unlclaimed PUNK rewards to the Martians stakers which will be earning as of now more than the double of the Genesis stakers.
Check the first proposal here.


Juno Punk has a lot of potential as a project, the team showed fast development and added a lot of utility since they started just as a NFT collection which is revolutionizing the JUNO blockchain. Worth investing. Get your Martian now on hopers.io before the mint ends tomorrow.


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