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Maxi Proposal 16: Under discussion

Hello fam!

We created a new proposal to benefit our community. Check it out!

The proposal will cover the following points:

1) $HOPE Stakers Dedicated Funds from $HOPERS

$HOPE DAO stakers who vote to this proposal will qualify as eligible to receive an allocation of the upcoming $HOPERS token

2) Airdrop

$HOPE DAO stakers who vote to this proposal will receive an airdrop of $PUNK and $FARM tokens

These first two points will be applied ONLY to $HOPE DAO stakers who voted to the proposal

3) Payment Rewards Hopers.io Marketplace

The initiative proposed by the team at the beginning of the journey does not seem to be a sustainable solution as the community is getting very little value.
Currently, we have collected so far about 90 $JUNO to the DAO stakers, coming from the trading rewards, which will be divided between $HOPE stakers (6000 $ HOPE in staking currently) with a profit of around 0.015$ JUNO + 0.018 $HOPE for each $HOPE staked.
We want to give more to the community, thus we started working on new rewards model which will make the $HOPE community thrive with us

4) $PUNK Utility

Adding $PUNK Token as a method of payment, including minting and trading on our marketplace

5) DAO Upgrade

DaoDao got upgraded to version V1 and many features are no longer valid. For example: if a proposal passes (but does not exceed 51% of those entitled to vote) the “execution” does not go into operation and the proposal does not get refunded.

We need to fix this issue and to move to DaoDao V1 too

6) $HOPE logo updates

Rebranding of $HOPE token logo on all platforms.

This will be the new logo:

New $HOPE logo


by voting yes, you agree to:

  • airdrop the $HOPERS, $PUNK and $FARM tokens to voters
  • be paid for the rewards collected so far
  • stop current rewards process
  • allow the team to work on a new reward model
  • add $PUNK as a method of payment to the marketplace
  • upgrade our DAO to DaoDao V1
  • rebrand $HOPE logo



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