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Mint Pass Updates and News Hope Galaxy NFT


Great news from HOPE GALAXY 🍀

Before jumping to technicalities, we are thrilled to announce that the mint day will happen on the 15th of May. The date is getting closer and so far only 20% of the total supply of the mint passes is left. More info will be shared as the mint day approaches.

Another good news that we want to share with you is the approval by our community of Proposal 12. The following updates have been executed:

  • Extending the Voting Duration 3days > 5days
  • Setting the Quorum: 34%
  • Reducing HOPE proposal deposit 50 > 30 $HOPE
  • Increasing max Mint per wallet 5 > 10 Mint Pass

Proposal 12 passed with 51,2% YES.

The updates of increase in the number of Mint Pass x Wallets 5>10 has already shown signs of appreciation by our Hopers.


1618/2000 Minted
382/2000 Passes left to be minted
= 1 Mint Pass (max 10 x wallet)

The deflation of “Hope Galaxy NFT Collection 1” is playing a big role in token value increase as we burn automatically all the hopes that have been used to purchase the mint passes. At this time of writing, 1618 Mint Passes were purchased, consequently, 1618 $HOPE Tokens were burned (Each $1 HOPE token can be exchanged for an exclusive Mint Pass).
The $HOPE in circulation at the moment is 14562 (-10% of the total supply).

16180 $HOPE -1618 $HOPE Burned = Circulant supply 14562 $HOPE.




The first Hope Galaxy NFT Twitter Space took place on Saturday 23 April.
On the stage, we had @CapitalAladdin, @Fenicejk @MidDaydreamCo @ArtLeemone who gave a genuine introduction to the team and to our vision and mission. This was an opportunity for the Hope community to learn about us and get to know more about the project and who is behind it. We believe that communication and transparency are key to the success of any project in the web3 space and to its longevity. Furthermore, during the Twitter space we ran a giveaway of 3 $HOPE Tokens that were sent to 3 lucky Hopers that engaged with us during the session.



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