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The first Hope Galaxy NFT is finally here πŸš€

Fasten your seat belts!

Finally, the first mint pass of our NFT collection is approaching and we can’t wait for more to share with you all the info, and guide you step by step on how to jump on this amazing journey with us. The big day is the 2nd of April at 20:00 CET on our website. Below we have created a guide that will make it easy for everyone to get their first Hope Galaxy NFT.

First and foremost make sure to have the extension of the Keplr wallet and access the Mint section of Hope Galaxy with your laptop.

On your Keplr Wallet, you must have at least 1 $HOPE token available on the Juno blockchain (if you have deposited them on Osmosis you will need to withdraw them). Also, make sure to have enough Juno to cover the transactions fees for the mint pass.
You can get your Mint Pass in exchange for 1 $HOPE that will be burned instantly and each wallet can request a maximum of 5 Mint Passes.
All the transactions fees for the mint pass will be made in Juno.

Please note that this Mint Pass is valid for the Hope Galaxy 1 collection only.
As soon as the 2000 Mint Passes are finished, our tokenomics will undergo its first deflationary phase by burning 2000 $HOPE which equals 12.4% of the current circulating supply.

Hope GalaxyNFT collection

With this Mint Pass, you can turn it into a Hope Galaxy 1 NFT, by implementing a small fee on the Stargaze blockchain, and trading on it.

Get your bag ready 🧳 πŸš€

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Official Links: https://linktr.ee/HopeGalaxy
Mint: https://mint.hopegalaxy.app/
WebSite: https://www.hopegalaxy.io
Osmosis: https://frontier.osmosis.zone/?from=OSMO&to=HOPE



The first fully-permissionless DEX living in the Cosmos. Friction-less yield.

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