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We are Hope Galaxy NFT

Hi 👋🏻 we are Hope Galaxy NFT.


Our project is a perfect fusion between Tokens and NFTs.

The initial supply is 16180 $HOPE tokens.

The $HOPE Token allows you to access the Mint Pass of the exclusive Hope Galaxy NFT Collections.


Hope Galaxy NFT Collection 1 it’s available for Mint Pass
1 $HOPE = 1 Mint Pass (max 5 x wallet)
1391/2000 Minted
609/2000 Mint Available

The 5 NFT collections on our road map will lead to deflation that will bring the total circulating supply of HOPE to 8000 tokens (Every 1 $HOPE can be exchanged for an exclusive Mint Pass).

16180 $HOPE -1391 $HOPE Burned = Circulant supply 14789 $HOPE


Our NFTs are created entirely in 3D and can be integrated with the Metaverse and Gaming.

Every day at 00:00 CET a piece of the story is written. That will accompany the 5 collections (search on Twitter #TheKEY).
Fenice is the Voiceover in this project and will guide you on the journey through the galaxies.
He will make this experience the most engaging, curious and funny.
Keep yourself updated following the daily tweets.



You can find us on: OSMOSIS FRONTIER


Tonight the osmosis pool it will be incentivised whit 1000 $HOPE. The duration of the incentive will be 180 epochs.
The incentive will be payed daily to all providers of liquidity in the pool #653 (50% Hope /50% Osmo)

(14 days bond is required to be rewarded)

You can find us on: JunoSwap


| Linktree | Docs | Marketplace | Launchpad | Mint & Reveal |
| Website | Twitter | Discord | Osmosis | JunoSwap |



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Hopers.io is the first rev-share IBC NFT Marketplace. Hopers.io is fully community-driven powered by the governance token DAO $HOPE a CW20 Token on JUNO.