5 delicious ways to stay hydrated without drinking water

Like pudding. For real.

At least once in your life eat a fresh fig.

Over half of Canadians are dehydrated, with around 21% suggesting they don’t drink enough water because they don’t like the taste. I am part of that 21%.

The U.S.A. shows similar levels of dehydration, and a surprising 75% of people in the U.K. aren’t getting enough H2O.

Once, in a moment of hydratory enthusiasm, I put a 1L bottle of water on my desk with the intent of drinking it by the end of the day. At the end of the week I’d made it through around 200mls, less than a quarter of the bottle.

After a rough spat of dehydration related health issues, I became very good at drinking water without actually, you know, drinking water.

If you are similarly unexcited by that clear, allegedly tasteless liquid that makes up around 75% of your body, or you know someone who is, or even if you simply want more fluids because they’re good for you, here are a few tricks to up your water intake without drinking water.

These options contain a number of extra nutritional benefits to not only get your more hydrated, but also keep you more healthy.

1. Fruit

To taste a watermelon is to know ‘what angels eat’ — Mark Twain.

At 93% water, watermelon is one of the most delicious ways to get your fluids without downing straight H2O. It’s also a fantastic way to transport water over long distances, and has been for over 4,000 years.

Red-fleshed watermelon is also high in lycopene, which reduces your chance of cancer, antioxidants to help reduce age deterioration and aid in recovery, and nitrous oxide, awesome for helping to regulate blood pressure.

Here are some other fruits with a high water content to keep you hydrated and happy. While scarfing down fruits, be mindful of your sugar intake.

Source and Other Source

2. Soups and stews

Soups and stews not only keep you hydrated, they’re also a delicious way to get your veggies. Try my favorite stew with under 10 minutes of prep time:


1. Bag of beef bones

2. Optional — steak or other cut of red meat

3. A couple of carrots and celery stalks, sliced. Maybe an onion or other root vegetables if you’re feeling fancy

4. Fresh tomatoes

5. Tomato-based sauce

6. A few extra cups of water (woo!)

Directions: Throw everything into a slow cooker. Wait 12 hours. Eat.

Don’t like meat? Oh She Glows is full of veggie-friendly food including soups, smoothies and other liquidy deliciousness.

And hydrated

3. Raw Food

You can eat it straight, put it in smoothies, salads, even some easy raw vegan desserts. Raw foods up your water intake without drinking, while also getting in some amazing nutrients that are often lost with cooking.

The heat from cooking removes a significant amount of water from your food. Frying causes evaporation, while baking provides a powerful dry heat to remove moisture. Think of how wet cake batter is before you put it in the oven. Fruit and veggies are similarly full of water before cooking.

Mmmm…cake batter…

Called pie. Tastes better than pie.

One green planet has some delicious recipe options in this space. Or you can simply make a salad by throwing everything in a bowl, then putting your open-mouthed face in it. Either way, eat up.

4. Pudding

That’s right, pudding. Specifically, chia pudding. Chia seeds are an excellent source of long-term hydration, as well as fiber and protein, and they soak up a tonne of water you won’t even know you’re drinking.

Drown 1/3 cup of chia seeds in 3 cups of your milk of choice — almond, coconut, soy, dairy, it’s all good. Add a sweetener like honey or maple syrup, leave for a few hours and voila — a delicious, moisture rich food.

Make a bunch and leave it in the fridge for when you’re feeling hirsty (hungry/ thirsty).

Mixing yogurt or kefir with fruit is another pudding style food that’s high in nutrition and water, and perfect for breakfast. Start your day hydrated.

Chia pudding: berries on top and below = fancy

5. Water Soluble multi-vitamins, other flavored drinks

I drink a big glass of Berocca in the morning for energy and general health, and occasionally a big glass of Magnesium water at night as a muscle relaxant for restless leg and general muscle cramps.

Yes, you’re technically drinking, but it doesn’t taste like water. And you’re downing liquid nutrition.

Neither Berocca nor Magnesium contain stimulants like caffeine, maca or guarana. They’re just plain good for you.

Eventually your body will learn to associate the liquid with feeling good. Maybe one day you’ll even be able to do straight water. Maybe

Other healthy non-water drinks include herbal teas, kombucha (contains some caffeine), kevita, milk with the option of flavoring, juice with the option of watering it down and coconut water.

Mojito. The other non-water water.