A Broken Heart

. . . how very frustrating! . . .

I often think that no one 
wants to hear my story
because I’ve never truly
had a broken heart.

Jilted in love?
Sorry … never been there.
Parted by death
the love of my life?
Yep … been there.

Known other loves?
Oh my, YES . . .
way too many!

Disappointed in love?
NO, not really . . .
except for my poor view
of who I thought
they really were . . .

(when seen through
the eyes of love
we tend to see people
quite differently from 
the true reality of them)

But, you see, in spite of 
all that has been 
confessed to you here …

I still have never 
really experienced
in my long life
what normally is 
called a broken heart.

How very frustrating
that I have fully missed
the tender experience 
of actually having
. . . a broken heart!

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