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365 Writing Prompt

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Sunday June 25, 2017

Grab your pillows and prepare for a snooze fest boys and girls.

I woke up at 4:00 am. I often do on weekends because I’m able to sleep in therefore it would make sense I wake up earlier than usual. I sat in the backyard with a cup of coffee, a bowl of oatmeal and six of our eight cats.

Still feeling quite groggy, I jumped on the trampoline for roughly 20 minutes. Then I laid on the trampoline gasping for air and feeling near death for roughly three minutes. It was perfect weather. Mid fifties and the sun was rising.

I wrote my 365 Writing Prompt for the day and an eight page personal narrative to submit to an editor (a mere 30 hours before deadline.) I completed this in an hour because I was on a time crunch. I had somewhere important to be. Somewhere more important than anything else.

The sun was now up and I tended to both the flower garden and the produce garden. It takes a great deal of daily effort to keep up with a yard filled with gardens. I mostly love it, but there are days, such as this one, when it feels like work.

I did all these things wearing only a hoodie and my underwear. In fact, it wasn’t until I was out in the driveway helping my husband tighten the front bumper on his car that I put pants on, and that was only because the position we were in would’ve looked sexually inappropriate to our neighbors if I hadn’t.

Side note: My underwear are boy shorts style. I am much too old for a thong or g-string and I most certainly would not walk around my yard in either of those styles.

I made breakfast. Scrambled eggs with sweet rye toast and some gross smelling sausage for my husband he had purchased at the farm co-op.

During breakfast I had a conversation with our son about how to appear enthusiastic when you don’t feel enthusiastic. We narrowed it down to body glitter and putting emphasis on the word, “Bam,” when you’re about to accomplish some feat you have no interest, energy or desire toward doing. Basically- anything consisting of the story of my life.

We were all showered, dressed and ready to leave. It was now noon.

On our travels to the University of Iowa campus we were driving down a road. I have no idea of the name or route number. Up hill, down hill, swerving and curving through nothing but corn for miles and miles until, what? The road is closed? We haven’t passed another car the entire time we’ve been on this road. Is it really necessary to close it?

Our son asked why we hadn’t checked the traffic report before we left. Um…

We took a detour. Here is the video footage of it:

The what should have been a 45 minute drive took over an hour. We finally made it. At one point we went to grab dinner and take it back to eat with the person we were visiting.

It felt like a seven mile walk from the unit they’re on to the cafeteria. Anyone who has ever been to University of Iowa Hospital knows it’s ridiculously large and takes up a significant portion of Iowa City.

We did see this cool vintage set up:

It was somewhat of a highlight for the day.

It was 8:00 PM and visiting hours were over. We headed home. My son drove home on the interstate under the direction of my husband who sat passenger. I sat in the back with headphones in watching Vlogbrothers videos so I could zone out- opposed to being an over obsessive, controlling, slightly freaking out while her child drives type of mother.

It was 9:00 PM-ish when we returned home. I did roughly 15 minutes of yoga and five minutes of meditation. After, I edited the eight page personal narrative I wrote in less than an hour earlier in the day. No one can write almost 3000 words in an hour and not write shit. Ugh, it needed some work, another hour worth.

And finally, good night.

***Disclaimer*** I exceeded the five minute writing prompt recommendation by seven minutes.




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