A Few Words on Faith and Fear

Photo credit: www.gracesinthecity.wordpress.com

The road to peace of mind is through the difficult conversations you dread having with the people you love and fear most. The ones far more complicated and uncomfortable in our minds than they ever appear in person. Courage only takes thirty seconds. It’s the decision to act in such a manner that seems to unfortunately take many of us much longer. To nobody else’s detriment other than our own.

Fear can be crippling and debilitating if you let it be. There is no positive affirmation or self help book in the world that can conquer it for you if you refuse to take action. Faith has helped me immensely throughout truly tragic and terrible shit but if I never found a way to back my belief with action, I don’t know it would have.

Faith isn’t about praying for the miraculous to happen and then waiting around aimlessly. I should know, I’ve tried that brand, to no avail. Faith isn’t about showing up on time for mass on Sunday, it’s about showing up in life.

It’s showing up when you’d rather text over an excuse as to why you can’t. We are so quick to say the word can’t. Faith is moving forward when you don’t feel like you can. Because I assure you — you are far more capable than you let yourself believe. Faith is about believing when there doesn’t feel like there’s a reason to and becoming that thing to believe in if you can’t eventually find one.

Most of us are a difficult conversation away from happiness. An action we refuse to take away from freedom. A ten minute inconvenience away from an entirely different life. Those things become our barriers or our bridges. Luckily, we get to decide which they’ll be for us personally.

We decide every day. Through the actions we do or don’t take and what we are or aren’t willing to say. The choice is completely ours, ball is in our court at all times. The only powerless people I’ve ever met in my entire life were the ones who told themselves they were powerless and actually believed it.

Those who were only helpless because they believed themselves to be, they told themselves they were. We all have the power to change, some just aren’t willing. Telling themselves and others they can’t becomes easier than trying.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the willingness to fight through it and move forward. Faith isn’t simply telling yourself you can, it’s showing yourself you can. It’s taking action to make it possible.

So have the conversation, learn to be uncomfortably honest with yourself and others. It’s never as bad as we make it out to be and the other side is better than we ever could have imagined.