A Lesser Person

. . . lesser than the person you really are

Have you ever felt that you are treated
as a person lesser than who you really are?

If you are not of this generation, 
do you feel that you do not 
possess the value that is assigned
to a person of this generation?

With all your training . . .
all your years of experience . . .
all the wisdom you’ve amassed
over these many years of your life . . .

are all these not truly worth something?

These qualities earn older people
in other countries and cultures
high respect and admiration —

what has happened to our 
wonderful country of America
that we so lack the understanding
of the contributions and worth
of our more seasoned citizens?

Ultimately, as the seasoned citizens 
that we ourselves have now become,
how can we at this very moment 
find ourselves to be the persons of worth
that we know we still truly are?

I leave this writing as
an unanswered question.
If you have an answer,
please feel free to let me know.

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