A thought, a photo that gives you heart…

The pup may be a mongrel but he stole the show!

I didn’t feel great yesterday and this morning, I was wondering is it the heat? It was a rare 30 degrees here yesterday.

Every so often I get this whirl of anxiety and obsessive thoughts. They are like the circus that comes to town, they appear, stay a while and then disappear.

The morning seems to be when they are most active though as the day continue they weaken. They work on the ‘what if scenario’ you know the one ‘what if this happened’.

When they occur it is as if there are two worlds existing the external one in which I am going about my business and the internal one in which I am overcoming irrational fears.

I determine, on such days, to continue with life doing what is required and the daily activities I enjoy. By lunchtime, I was sitting reading another chapter of Sebastian Barry’s ‘Days without end’.

Reading often provides inspiration and encouragement and I noted a sentence from yesterday that came to mind again today,

“Things that give you heart are rare enough, better note them in your head when you find them and not forget.”

A sentence such as that can be as a paper aeroplane that flies me to a brighter place in the soul. It got me thinking about ‘Things that gave me heart’ and the photo above came to mind and with it, of course, a story.

I have no memories of not having a dog as a child. Dogs were my ever present companions and if you lived on the estate I lived you would remember me as the little boy who always had a dog with him.

Each year a dog show would come to the football pitches were I lived. We never did get a circus but we got a dog show. I loved it and would go and visit every breed. This year I decided to bring my pup and show it at the dog show.

I showed my pup to whoever was interested and by the end of the day the local newspaper found me and took the photo. I believe it appeared on the front of the local paper. My mother must have been so proud she got this print.

I am lucky to have the photo as although I have it in my head I can show you almost a picture of my thought.

So over to you, what notes or photos do you have that give you heart?