A Thousand No’s Wont Be Enough

I’m going to ask the most attractive woman I see today out for coffee. If she says no, then she just got me out of paying for her coffee and freed me up to go apply for the job i’m definitely under qualified for. Where a more attractive woman that I can ask out for coffee works. Maybe she’ll say yes and hire me and we’ll have to keep the whole thing a big secret so she doesn’t get in trouble with human resources.

Or maybe she’ll say she’s married even though the ring that isn’t on her finger and the pictures of her and her dog on her desk say otherwise and she will see my resume’ for the complete fabrication that it is and will get uncomfortable enough by my overly awkward smile that she’ll call security. Maybe i’ll ask the security guard that is unnecessarily obliged to escort me out if his company is hiring.

The word no has no power over me. I’ve become immune to it. I’ve been labeled as unacceptable by the socialites and elite.

I’m going to write a book and ask you to buy a copy. Before I self publish that book, a hundred publishers are going to tell me they don’t want to publish it. Perhaps I’ll go through a brief period where I begin to doubt myself and i’ll apply for the closest job hiring only to be told by the manager that they just hired the person that walked in right before I did and no, neither one of them want to buy 297 hand typed and printed cover less pages of a book that nobody has ever read.

That won’t be enough no’s. Mainly because I’ve heard enough no’s when I was so desperately hoping for a yes to know that there is no such thing as enough no’s to stop me from trying for a yes. The yes I’ve been waiting for that makes all of the no’s so laughably obsolete. Yes.