I’ll have what she’s having!

screenshot from the video in the link below

This! So so this! Blessings and THANK YOU Indagadda Davida 🍎🐍 for hearing the call and for Josh Rossi @joshrossiphoto on Instagram

Your Words
Breathtaking power, breathtakingly powerful!
I am not sure if H. Nemesis Nyx is very active these days but if you are out there — I thought of you and hope you see this, for I know it will touch your soul.

Indagadda Davida 🍎🐍What you wrote hits me at my core for my greatest wish for my daughters — and I know they are well on their way for some of the amazing strong words that come from their mouths, and from their core, shows me they are on the path.

A Prayer for our Daughters — May they never be pulled from this path, may they be shielded like Wonder Woman’s shield, to protect their inner self-awareness, self-confidence, self-independence. May they walk with Wonder and with Vision, ALWAYS. .