(actual) short story: squirrel the squirrel

Each day it would try to climb the lush trees, just like his friends would as well. There the best chestnuts, with their friendly round shapes were to be found. Each day, it stumbled upon the same obstacle, he was twice the size of the other squirrels. It`s weight made it very hard for him to climb even a single meter on the easiest tree. “squirrel” was not of the jealous kind, yet he would love to be able to get the better nuts for once. Each day was a struggle for just that.

Each day other squirrels would look at their friend and see a fellow creature of the forest in a passive looking struggle. It seemed to them like a useless battle against its size. Never would they tell him, they thought they could not really communicate with him that well. They would just shrug it off and check other trees. One thing was certain, they did not like the struggle and wanted to be as far away from it as was squirilly possible.

Squirrel the squirrel did not want to share his problems either. For one, he thought others would not like his problem and therefore would not like him either. For the other, he did not even want to think about it himself. His problem was that because of not embracing his struggle, the struggle started to encompass his life. For now he had no contact with other squirrels, they seemed to shy away from him. This was because they did not understand why he was sometimes so happy and sometimes so down. Within squirrel this was a pendulum between forgetting about his struggle and fighting against going back to that one tree again.

Every day at least one other squirrel would tell him that he should stop with this tree. For him this felt like his friends were asking him to give up on his dreams, yet what they meant was that squirrel the squirrel might better choose different trees to climb. One day another squirrel, whose name was also squirrel, but for the sake of simplicity we will call squee, hit the mark. Squee did what the others could not, which was to tell squirrel that he had other talents. Squirrel wanted to shoo Squee away, but stopped mid sentence “please don’t tell me” Then his face cleared as much as that of a squirrel could. Squirrel`s interest was piqued “What do you mean squee?”
“is it not obvious? You are more than twice the size all of your squirrel friends are. You must be the best nutcracker in the whole forest.” Squee squealed in delight. “We should start our own team! I will get the nuts and you will crack them, then we never have to be alone any longer. Squirrel looked at Squee a bit longer now and saw that he was twice as small as he was.