Amplitude Coming



Mediation in Motion

Fluid Movement


Today, counting MY blessings

My own blessings

My hands

My body

My mind

A gift

My life

My air

My wedge

To my core, stripped bare

My blessings: in prayer

My heart

My land

This Earth

My hands

All come together

Feet planted firmly in the Earth

Awareness meditation

Fully abundant in my creation


Complete Amplitude

Root Down to Reach Up

Rise from empty

Fill my cup

Feelings wash over me

Channel this energy

Roar like a tiger

Go soft like a bear

Join me, if you dare

Humor is cultural

Laughter is universal

Laugh our way silly

Then frolic…

Amongst the purple calla lilies

Representing passion

Feeding from the Earth

Flower seeds birth colors

Filling up our chakras bright

Nature’s seeds breeds birth

Walk trough this journey’s labyrinth

Get lost, then find our way to the end

For we are rebirthed, again and again


Let’s fold, into our own

Moving energy

Through all our chakra’s zones

Directing freely

Gifting hearts

Offering blessings

In the QiGong Art

Creating Energy
Rising Energy
Creative Energy
Resting Energy

Calling my name

QiGong’s messages

Energizing immense energies

Emerging thyself

Coming forward

Coming home

Energy grounded

My protected dome

Amplitude : the state or quality of being ample, especially as to breadth or width; largeness; greatness of extent.

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