An atheist’s prayer

Hawaii, 2006 by the author

May we never treat others
As badly as we treat ourselves
May we always remember 
Compassion, love, care
May we tell our truths to 
All who will listen
May we always know love 
For ourselves and for others
May we treat outsiders 
As we do family of choice
May we all become
The best selves we can be 
Most of all…
May we all find peace 
At the end of the day

I was raised Lutheran. So Lutheran that I went to a Lutheran college: Wartburg College in Waverly, IA. Wartburg is still the home of my heart, but somewhere along the line, my faith in a single all knowing God disappeared.

Even though the faith disappeared, the teachings of the church I grew up in stayed. From who to love (everyone) to who to be (the best me I can be), I grew up knowing everyone deserves to be treated equally. There is no “other” in my world. Love who you want, when you want, how you want. That’s your business.

This is why these years of Trump have been so hard for me. The very idea that so much of our country believes that the only ones who count are those like themselves… that runs contrary to all I believe.

And it always will.

Inspired by Sheryl Martin’s prompt this week: