Are You Full of Vitality?

Beth Stormont
Jan 9 · 2 min read

. . . or are you in need of revitalizing?!

( Image by Dean Marston from Pixabay)

You might say I’m sort of focused on the subject of ‘revitalizing’ recently… or should I use the words ‘passionately obsessed’?!

Why? Well… you’ll learn the answer to that a little later.

First of all, let’s take a look at what is meant by the word ‘revitalizing’.

We often think of ‘revitalizing’ an organization… a project… a business… but not a person! Perhaps the terms more often used in connection with revitalizing a person are ‘a make-over’ or (in Christian parlance) ‘born again’. The obvious is that a make-over is for outer change, whereas the concept of born again is for an inner change. The Hallmark movies always have both outer and inner miraculous changes taking place with a make-over, (without the ‘born again’ concept involved).

To me, change from within is almost a prerequisite for any true revitalizing to take place. You can change the outer appearance of a person — or of anything else, for that matter — but if it’s still the same on the inside, no revitalizing has really taken place.

You have heard it said of a woman, that she has both an inner and outer beauty. Sometimes the outer physical features of beauty are not really there, but the inner beauty shines through to make that person seem even outwardly beautiful!

It is the inner life that vitalizes us and truly radiates through us. If we need to be revitalized, it is from the inside out. . . not just changing the outer appearance and remaining the same old weak person within.

And now, about the story that has prompted this post:

I recently wrote a brief post called “The Revitalizing of Barbara Worth”. At the time of the writing, I was so ecstatically immersed in my visit to the Barbara Worth Country Club & Resort in Imperial Valley (Holtville), CA, that I basically assumed that everyone reading the post was there with me, experiencing that same awesome pleasure. In other words, I wanted to share with the world everything about this wonderful historic treasure in the desert!

Of course, Barbara Worth is only a fictitious person — (you’ll need to read the post to learn more about that) — and it is much more than a country club and resort… the picture on the post reveals an outstanding golf course, not to mention many other major amenities like a convention center, restaurant, etc. If you’re curious now, just read the post.

In summation: You can renovate, remodel, do a make-over — or do anything else to bring about change — but ultimately, the change must begin from within and work its way out for true revitalizing to take place . . .

. . . Indeed, to become truly alive again!

Hopes & Dreams

Dream and Exceed!

Beth Stormont

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Philosophic observer and poet of life experiences; mystic; college professor and professional Classical musician; lover of deep simplicity.

Hopes & Dreams

Dream and Exceed!

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