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What Participating in the Medium Partner Program Research Study Taught Me

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Last month I received an invitation to participate in Medium’s Partner Program and a research study for the program. I may never know what the outcome of the research study was across the board with all participants. I did however, keep detailed notes on my experience.

This is what I learned:


You have complete control over your work and continue to have the rights to it. There’s few publications that would allow you to do that. When my articles and stories are published in other publications for pay I’m only able to share the link back to the publication and not the story itself for typically 180 days.

You can lock and unlock stories as paid/ unpaid posts. Meaning, I can publish a story today as a Member Exclusive, make some cash and a week from now unlock it so non-members are able to read it.

I continuously use profanity in my writing and as of thus far, Medium has allowed me to do so. No other publication would.

I’ve had great dialog with the Medium staff I’ve worked with.

It’s motivated me to write more in depth and focus more on writing articles and stories (a personal writing goal I had already set for myself through Patreon) opposed to blog pieces.

I’m getting paid for something I was doing for free.

As far as I’ve noticed, those big name “content” writers with the mega amount of followers (the ones who write about how to live your life even though they don’t know you or your life, and readers seem to swallow the bullshit down like water because clearly they enjoy crap more than the words you bleed out on paper) haven’t had this opportunity offered to them yet. This is a good thing, for me anyway.

It’s extra side hustle cash while I work on getting my Patreon to lift off. The extra cash has come in handy.

I can streamline all of my work in one place. I can publish Member Exclusive stories and articles, continue posting blog pieces for my following and invest more of myself into acting editor of Hopes and Dreams for Our Future- all in one place. I don’t have to spend 12 hours a week searching for publications to sell my work to. All my time, energy and focus can stay right here with Medium, with the exception of Patreon, of course.

They compensated me for participating in the research study. I was able to purchase a snazzy state of the art webcam which I wouldn’t have normally been able to afford, but as someone who takes a lot of video desperately wanted and appreciate.


When I originally started to write Member Exclusive stories, before it was offered to more and more writers, the payout was significantly more than it is now six weeks later.

At first Medium was featuring my stories and they were gaining attention. Now my Members Exclusive feed is filled with stories from premium publications. I haven’t seen any individual writer’s pieces there for a few weeks now. Either it’s part of Medium’s plan to promote premium publications in efforts to increase memberships, or they must truly think I want to read endless Trump articles. I don’t. I really don’t.

My stats have dropped, significantly. Dwindled at a rapid pace, actually. When I say dropped I mean they went from 500- 1k views- down to roughly 100- to the Members Exclusive story I published yesterday had 28.

Is anyone reading this? Have I reached you? That’s somewhat of a disappointment. Not only because it means less payout but also because it means less readership. (Where did my favorite writers go? I can’t find you. I know you’re writing Member Exclusive stories too. You’ve been buried. I have to search in order to clap for you).

You can’t write about Medium in Medium Member Exclusive stories.

You can’t include a call to action.

The clapping system, yeah, it’s way too much pressure. I get why Medium did it but here’s the reality. If I clap once, depending on how many Member exclusive stories I’ve clapped for it’s not worth much of a payout. If I clap 50 times, depending on how many Member Exclusive stories I’ve clapped for it’s not worth much of a payout. That’s stressful. I’m not sure it matters how many times I clap.

If you like my work, support my writing at patreon.com/erika_sauter or you can virtually tip me via PayPal. Thanks!



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