As I write a creative force awakens within me and takes me on a journey with words

Catching up with Medium interactions
Experiment in progress: for those who want to see and hear/ best sound via headphones/ feedback welcome

Prior to discovering Medium, I wrote a weekly Facebook Note which I would post later on Blogspot. I had used Blogspot intermittently since 2011. I just checked and found my first post which was a review of the Lionel Shriver’s book, ‘We need to talk about Kevin’.

I could see stats though the thing that excited me most was seeing the countries in which people lived who accessed the blog. That was as exciting as it got on Blogspot as for over 4 years I got no interaction with anyone.

Facebook Notes was more successful in interacting with FB friends though I had a desire to reach further than those who knew me.

A year or two ago I started dabbling with Literary events. Feeling very much the imposter I persevered and eventually enrolled on a creative writing course. It was someone there who informed me that I needed to get onto a better platform.

At the turn of the year, I typed into Google ‘top blogging sites’ and found Medium. I was impressed with what I saw signed up and started publishing. It has changed my life as it has changed how I live.

The significant difference between now and what went before is the interaction with others. Every interaction is positive and with the encouragement that it has spawn I have challenged myself to write more and more. I have never written more in my life than I have done since 1st April this year when someone challenged me to write daily. We are now on day 151.

There have been many encouragers though the chief amongst them is Erika Sauter the editor of HaDFoF who enlisted me as a writer and then told me.

Each evening I get an idea of what I want to write. It is usually based on the day yet some kinda magic happens for as I write a creative force awakens within me and takes me on a journey with words.

Tonight, for example, I intended to write about sexuality because it is an ever present part of our lives ( I should speak for myself) that we rarely mention yet the creative force changed it to the words you have just read.

For the moment I will have to leave you with a piece on sex I previously wrote on Blogspot though I hope I or rather the creative force will return to the subject.


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