Boom Boom Pow!

No…. Not that…

Not that either, but at least you are thinking a bit more relevant. I mean, come on, Black Eyed Peas? What were you thinking?

Now you’re thinking straight.

At least straighter than I am this morning.

After the insane amount of very loud fireworks my neighborhood decided to purchase this year, the lack of sleep that comes with such things, and trying to comfort my 11 year old beagle that was terrified, I have a headache that has all the signs of leading to a migraine later.

Oh, and I woke up to the unthinkable…

There was no coffee in the house.


Not a single drop.

Not even an emergency stash of instant, even thinking of that makes me cringe, but it’s better than none.

I’ve been told that coffee makes it worse, but it always makes mine better.

I may walk down to the closest grocery story, overpay for coffee I hate, just to have some.

Because driving to a good store, for the good coffee at a reasonable price is just asking for a murder in Bloomington. Combine the traffic and my short patience and I promise someone is going to die.

I’ve been told over and over again that alcohol helps a migraine go away fast, a few doctors even said this. Outside of a little wine and some social ale, I have never been a drinker.

So, what do you do for a migraine? 
Everyone is different, but I am always game for a new method.

Until then, I’m off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of coffee.