Can I Crash on Your Couch?

365 Writing Prompt

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Writing Prompt: What is something you can imagine yourself doing?

I’m 44 years old, a wife and a mother. I emphasize the word imagine. At this stage in the game it’s more of a dream that hasn’t yet come true.

Something I can imagine myself doing is couch surfing while traveling the world. There’s a few reasons why I’d like to couch surf:

It’s free through Who wouldn’t want to pay nothing for something? I’d save a ton money on hotel accommodations and have more money for spending cash and airfare.

I’d get to meet new people. It’s an insta-friend or acquaintance. It’s an assumption, but I assume people who register on the website are cool with having people crash on their couch. Or, they’re an ax murderer and it’s easy prey. In which case my trip would be cut short.

It would be a cultural experience. I’d witness with my own eyes what it’s like to live in a far off land. Different habits, traditions, spirituality, food and world views. And, those people would have a first hand experience with my culture. A city girl with a bad attitude now living in a Mid-Western small town slowly transforming from her city ways. That’s a culture, right?

My couch surfing experience would inspire more story ideas. Who doesn’t like a good story about a journey across the world? (Or being axed up.) I’d have a tour guide or at the least someone who knows the best sights and attractions opposed to planning from a book. (I can’t believe I just said something relatively negative about a book.)

The downside is my family wouldn’t fit on a couch (in rare situations if we contort ourselves, maybe) so it’s something I’d have to do solo. At this stage in the game I’d have to wait for my family to grow up before couch surfing is something I can do. For now it’s merely something I can imagine myself doing.