Photo by Bessi at Pixabay

We have a two year old and almost four years old babies living with us and every morning, as soon as we goes out of the room they come running and said “Grandma”, “Grandpa” in their loud voices. It’s become our routine everyday and how it melts our hearts.

One day when we are about to go out to buy some groceries, the two of them knocks on our door and said “ Open the door”, so we decided to let them play for awhile but when it’s time for us to go, they don’t want to go out our room especially the youngest one.

She cries so loud and said, “No, don’t want to go” so my husband decided to carry her out but she immediately came back running and closed the door so her sister and I cannot go out.

I thought she is already gone because I didn’t hear anything so her sister came out of the room but I hear a loud voice saying, “NO” and slam the door again. We cannot go out because every time we open the door, she shrieked NO and slam the door.

We really have to go so I open the door quietly and look if she is outside the door. Às soon as I open the door wide, I see her come out from the other door and wanted us to go back to the room so we cannot go anywhere.

Instead of being mad at her, we end up laughing because we became the prisoner in our own room. On top of that, who would think that a two year old would hide in the other door and wait there patiently so if she hears anybody leaving the room, she could immediately shut the door 😂😂😂

My husband said, “you cannot teach that to children, they’re acting on their own free will”.